Over 20 Years in the Telecommunications Industry

Discover the difference in having telecom counsel with actual experience working in telecom, rather than merely representing telecom clients.

Greg Taylor has extensive expertise in all aspects of the telecommunications industry. His focus is on contracts, litigation, mergers\acquistions, and regulatory matters pertaining to the telecom sector. He has served as general counsel for IXC, CLEC and VoIP companies. Because of his broad experience in the industry, he is a highly sought speaker at national conferences and frequently published in various trade publications. Beginning in 2006, he was an attorney with Technology Law Group, a D.C.-based telecom boutique firm. There he represented clients in various matters including transactional (i.e., contracts), regulatory (i.e., state and federal) and litigation (i.e., state and federal) services.

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What Clients Are Saying

  • I have been the CEO of more than one telecom provider. At each company, I insisted that our legal work was handled by Greg. His knowledge and experience in telecom law is unsurpassed by any other lawyer I've ever used.
    Dennis Smith, Client

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